Pre-Orders For Watercool’s Heatkiller IV Threadripper Block Open Tomorrow

Watercool announced that it would start to accept pre-orders for three variants of its AMD Threadripper water block on November 2.

In August, shortly after AMD released the first batch of Threadripper chips, Watercool announced that it was developing a dedicated Threadripper water block. The company originally said the new blocks would be available on September 6, but for unknown reasons, the release was delayed. Watercool released a conversion kit that makes the standard Heatkiller IV CPU block compatible with AMD TR4 socket, but it offered no update about the dedicated block. After two months of silence, the company is finally ready to take your money.

Watercool’s Heatkiller IV Threadripper water block is available in three different varieties. The company offers a copper version with a solid copper top with a few stainless-steel accents and a solid copper cooling plate, both milled from single blocks of copper. It also offers a nickel edition that (you guessed it) features a nickel-plated cooling plate and top cover to give it an even, reflective surface. Watercool also made a version with an acrylic top that lets you see the fluid flow through the block. The plexi top version comes with a black anodized aluminum cover and a nickel-plated cooling plate to give it a two-tone color scheme. It also includes pre-installed RGB lights with a header compatible with X399 RGB motherboards.

Watercool said that the bare copper block would be the first to ship. It plans to fulfill pre-orders of the copper version on November 10, with the nickel-plated and acrylic top Threadripper blocks shipping on November 24. You can place your order from the Watercool webshop tomorrow.

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