Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 850 PSU Review

Packaging, Contents, Exterior & Cabling


The golden colored box exudes prestige Seasonic did well to avoid an over-the-top graphical design, in our opinion.

Up front, there's an 80 PLUS Gold badge. Technical and power specifications are on one of the box's two sides, while the back provides interesting product feature highlights.


Under the external sleeving, we find a black, sturdy box. It's adequately protected inside thanks to two pieces of packing foam surrounding the PSU (which is also wrapped in a cloth bag).

The bundle is rich. Besides the obligatory modular cables, you also get a nylon pouch for storage, a case badge, a set of Velcro straps, a number of zip ties, four fixing bolts, and the user's manual. Our sample included a giveaway card for U.S. residents-only. It would be nice if Seasonic opened this to other regions as well, but we understand that the legal and financial implications of international contests usually limit their scope.


Seasonic's overall design is appealing, we think. It may not be ground-breaking, but it's also not boring. A couple of gold Seasonic labels in the middle of the fan and right below the AC receptacle add a bit of flair.

Up front, next to the power switch, there is also a push-switch for toggling the semi-passive fan mode on and off.

The labels on the sides are small. The power specifications label is larger; it's located on the PSU's bottom side.

As expected, given the increased number of bundled cables, you also get more corresponding modular connectors.

This is one of the smallest 850W units available on the market today. It is nice to see other companies following SilverStone's example; it was the first to emphasize high power density.


The ATX, EPS, and PCIe cables use extra caps in order to enable better ripple suppression. Unfortunately, this renders them bulky and prevents the use of ribboned cables. On the other hand, the SATA and peripheral cables are flat, since they don't need extra (built-in) filtering caps.

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