EK Water Blocks’ Newest Monoblock Is Nearly Half The Size Of The Board It Fits On

Earlier this week, we joked that EK Water Blocks is in the middle of a product announcement blitz, with this week’s focus being monoblocks. Apparently, that joke was closer to the truth than we knew: EKWB revealed yet another monoblock today.

On Monday, EK launched an RGB monoblock for Asus’s ROG Crosshair VI Hero motherboard, and on Wednesday, the company revealed a monoblock for one of Asus’ top Z270 boards, the Maximus IX Apex. Today, the company revealed the EK-FB Asus Z270i Strix RGB Monoblock, which fits on the Asus ROG Strix Z270i Mini-ITX motherboard.

As with all of EKWB’s monoblock configurations, the company engineered the EK-FB Asus Z270i Strix RGB Monoblock to make direct contact with the CPU and power regulation MOSFETs and allow liquid to pass over both components. EKWB’s water blocks also feature high-flow internal designs which allow you to use a low-powered pump to run your loop.

The EK-FB Asus Z270i Strix RGB Monoblock features a nickel-plated electrolytic copper base with four preinstalled nickel-plated brass standoffs. The top of the block is made of clear acrylic glass and features a pre-installed RGB light strip with Asus Aura Sync compatibility. The shroud for the RGB strip features a CNC-cut Strix logo that lights up when you turn on the light strip.

The EK-FB Asus Z270i Strix RGB Monoblock isn’t any bigger than other EKWB monoblocks, but it appears much larger because of the relative size of the motherboard for which it was designed. The block covers a large portion of the motherboard’s surface, which makes it the obvious centerpiece of any build that features this motherboard and monoblock configuration.

EKWB is currently accepting pre-orders for the EK-FB Asus Z270i Strix RGB Monoblock. If you want one, you can put your name down for $137. EKWB said it plans to ship the first batch of these blocks on May 12.

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