Destiny 2 Performance Review

CPU, RAM & VRAM Resources

Processor Utilization

Whether we're running a Radeon or GeForce at 1080p or 1440p, the Ryzen 5's six cores idly twiddle their thumbs!

Overall CPU usage never rises above 50%, and spends most of its time below 40%. The Radeon appears to utilize fewer host processing resources than the GeForce card, though the delta narrows somewhat at 2560x1440.

System Memory Utilization

Two observations become apparent here: GeForce cards require more system memory than the Radeons, and a higher resolution translates to a slight increase in RAM utilization.

Video Memory Utilization

When it comes to graphics memory, on the other hand, the opposite is true. AMD's Radeon cards use a little extra GDDR5 than the GeForce cards at identical quality settings. We're still a long way from the 8GB and 6GB found on our test subjects, though.

Of course, it is no surprise that the transition from 1080p to 1440p leads to an increase in the amount of VRAM used.

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  • panel111
    Umm, Consoles aren't limited to 30 FPS........
  • randomuser12345
    For this game, the original ps4 and xbone will be.