Destiny 2 Performance Review

How We Tested Destiny 2

Test Configuration

Operating System
Windows 10 x64 Pro 1703 (15063.674)
Graphics Drivers
Nvidia GeForce Game Ready 388.00
AMD Radeon Crimson Edition 17.10.2
Destiny version 1.0.5

We recently updated our test configuration to better reflect mid-range gaming in 2017. This time around, we picked an AMD Ryzen-based platform, honing in specifically on the 1600X as a great option for enthusiasts looking to save some money.

Steam's survey of hardware and software configurations offers us a view of the most prevalent components and settings (the data comes from October 2017):

  • Windows 10 64-bit represents a little less than half of the market (45%).
  • 8GB of RAM is the most popular capacity; that's what 44% of surveyed gamers have installed (our system has 16GB, which we wanted in order to measure peak RAM utilization).
  • Full HD resolution is used by 57% of gamers, while 17% are still at 1366x768. QHD is used by less than 2% of gamers, and 4K remains anecdotal. We will start with tests at 1920x1080, and then use QHD for cards that run well at 1080p.
  • Quad-core CPUs are installed in close to half of the surveyed systems (58%, to be exact). In anticipation of the coming months, we're using a mid-range six-core processor.

Graphics Card Selection

Today's benchmarks are an exception in that we're in the middle of transitioning to a new test platform. Part of this process is switching to a fresh set of graphics cards. Until they're all here, though, we'll simply combine the old cards and what we have of our new ones. Here are the 12 boards we're comparing:

Test Procedure

All performance data is collected using the PresentMon tool and our own custom front-end.

In order to represent performance accurately, each graphics card is warmed up to a stable temperature before measurements are collected. Most newer GPUs employ mechanisms to optimize clock rates based on variables like power and temperature. So, tests run during the warm-up period would convey better performance than you'd see in the real world. We therefore execute the benchmark sequence once before gathering official data. For graphics options, we tested at 1920x1080 with maxed-out graphics options and then repeated our benchmark at 2560x1440.

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    Umm, Consoles aren't limited to 30 FPS........
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    For this game, the original ps4 and xbone will be.
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